Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hello, I'm the late-night quilter.

I get lonley while my husband works nights, and I hate sleeping alone,

so I quilt. I find it theraputic: it curbs my

anxious feelings about being alone and it gives my

hands something to do so I don't get bored waiting to

hear the the familiar sound of my husbands booming

footsteps coming coming down the stairs. I hope you

enjoy looking at samples of my work.

If I can make your baby warm, I'd be glad to.

This John Deere Quilt. Is one of my favorites. It is 45" x 45"

made of cotton flannel and worsted weight yarn.

If you are looking for something a little overtly feminine,

this next quilt is for you. It is also 45" by 45" and

made of cotton flannel. Both quilts contain polyester batting.

I like to make baby quilts 45" by 45". That makes the blanket big

enough to wrap an older baby up tight, but

it is still small enough for a toddler to pull it around the

house like Linus. I like tie quilts for baby because the

ties offer texture with which a new baby can play and experiment.


  1. Brittani -
    Do you still have the John Deer baby quilt?

  2. I love John Deere too! I'm also a late night crafter for the same reasons!