Saturday, May 15, 2010

Season of Quilts

Even though the weather has finally warmed up, now actually kind of feels like quilt season. All those quilts ladies (and men too) have been working on are finally getting to be shown off and even sold in quilt shows, craft fairs, and I even saw some at our local farmers market. So get out there and enjoy the artwork and creativity of your neighbors (and yourself too, if you quilt). I love being able to see people's dreams, ideas, and imagination put in action! I also love creating something from what seems like nothing!

For all those quilters and sewers out there I challenge you to have a little more fun. Be daring. Test out your ideas, even if they don't work out the first time. Oh, here's a couple ideas: use thread that doesn't match the fabric at all and turn your fabric wrong side out on purpose! Mix, play, and enjoy yourself. Be willing to mess up and correct things a bit. You might just like the messed up outcome better than what you planned in the first place. After the blinds in my daughter's room broke, we covered her window temporarily with a baby quilt. Wow! It now looks like she has a beautiful stain glass design in her window. Very cool!

I've got a couple of new quilt designs in mind and drawn out, I need to work on getting them done so I can share them with you. One thing at a time, I guess.

Happy Summer!

Rosy Cheek Boutique Quilts

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