Sunday, July 18, 2010

The newest available

Alex has been working late often, so I've created these fresh creations.

I hope you like them.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Blanket Offerings.

Hello all,
I feel inspired by the summer, and I admit that I've gone a little crazy crafting. My husband just wishes that I'd quit collecting patterns and work harder at earning money. I guess we just have artistic differences. In my new-found spirit of vigor and vim, I present these new blanket offerings.

The Late-night quilter

Pieced Quilts

I made this quilt out of scraps and a remnant I found at the fabric store for 20 percent off, but if necessity truly is the mother of invention -- I believe that phrase wholeheartedly-- than this is one of its greatest testaments. I have already sold this quilt to my friend Lindsey, who put in her toddler's room as a center piece, but I have lots of scraps,  so don't worry you can have one two.  These quilts cost the same as the others: $20.00 USD.

New One-color, Tied Quilts

I love lady bugs, and when I have a little girl I may very well decorate her room, and even her person with ladybugs and related motifs. If you have an idea in mind I can create it for you.

Flannel Receivieng Blankets
                   I cannot seem to find a photo to place here, which I will soon remedy. Flannel receiving blankets are made of two layers of flannel that sewn together. To add interest and durability I blanket stitch the edges. Flannel blankets are either 36" x 36" or 45" bu 45" and $10.00 USD and $15.00 USD respectfully.

Fleece Blankets

Much like a flannel receiving blanket, these blankets are blanket stitched along the edge. They come in only one size 36" x 36" and cost $10.00 USD.

Crochet Blankets

This floral pattern made of hexagons is lovely for a newborn or as a decorative piece. My mother commissioned it for a new baby and she almost kept it for herself. The finished size of this blanket is just shy of 36" x 24". The blanket can be made in any color combination and cost $35.00 USD.

This buttercup-collered shell pattern coverlet is one I also sold to my mother as a baby gift. The worsted weight yarn makes this blanky so soft and cudly, but aslo durable and substanctive. The stitch may be simple, but the end result is beautiful.

Well that's all I've been up to. I wish you all a fabulous late night. May creativity entreat you.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Win A Free Quilt!

Check out the details to this month's giveaway by going to Rosy Cheek Boutique main page.

Season of Quilts

Even though the weather has finally warmed up, now actually kind of feels like quilt season. All those quilts ladies (and men too) have been working on are finally getting to be shown off and even sold in quilt shows, craft fairs, and I even saw some at our local farmers market. So get out there and enjoy the artwork and creativity of your neighbors (and yourself too, if you quilt). I love being able to see people's dreams, ideas, and imagination put in action! I also love creating something from what seems like nothing!

For all those quilters and sewers out there I challenge you to have a little more fun. Be daring. Test out your ideas, even if they don't work out the first time. Oh, here's a couple ideas: use thread that doesn't match the fabric at all and turn your fabric wrong side out on purpose! Mix, play, and enjoy yourself. Be willing to mess up and correct things a bit. You might just like the messed up outcome better than what you planned in the first place. After the blinds in my daughter's room broke, we covered her window temporarily with a baby quilt. Wow! It now looks like she has a beautiful stain glass design in her window. Very cool!

I've got a couple of new quilt designs in mind and drawn out, I need to work on getting them done so I can share them with you. One thing at a time, I guess.

Happy Summer!

Rosy Cheek Boutique Quilts

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hello, I'm the late-night quilter.

I get lonley while my husband works nights, and I hate sleeping alone,

so I quilt. I find it theraputic: it curbs my

anxious feelings about being alone and it gives my

hands something to do so I don't get bored waiting to

hear the the familiar sound of my husbands booming

footsteps coming coming down the stairs. I hope you

enjoy looking at samples of my work.

If I can make your baby warm, I'd be glad to.

This John Deere Quilt. Is one of my favorites. It is 45" x 45"

made of cotton flannel and worsted weight yarn.

If you are looking for something a little overtly feminine,

this next quilt is for you. It is also 45" by 45" and

made of cotton flannel. Both quilts contain polyester batting.

I like to make baby quilts 45" by 45". That makes the blanket big

enough to wrap an older baby up tight, but

it is still small enough for a toddler to pull it around the

house like Linus. I like tie quilts for baby because the

ties offer texture with which a new baby can play and experiment.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Late-Night Quilter

Rosy Cheek Boutique is joining up with Late-Night Quilter to provide more of those special treasures for you. All orders for Late-Night Quilter quilts will be forwarded to them.

Late-Night Quilter also makes beautiful receiving blankets either edged or not edged. Sizes available are 36 x 36" or 45 x 45".

For all orders email
Quilts play a very important role in our home and in our family. They start out as a favorite "blankie" and later transition into an invaluable family heirloom with a life time of memories sewn in every block. In this picture is our daughter, Charity, and a quilt that was made specially for her. The colors and patterns were chosen to match her bedroom and her personality. It looks more like a candy shop, and is just as sweet to us.