Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Blanket Offerings.

Hello all,
I feel inspired by the summer, and I admit that I've gone a little crazy crafting. My husband just wishes that I'd quit collecting patterns and work harder at earning money. I guess we just have artistic differences. In my new-found spirit of vigor and vim, I present these new blanket offerings.

The Late-night quilter

Pieced Quilts

I made this quilt out of scraps and a remnant I found at the fabric store for 20 percent off, but if necessity truly is the mother of invention -- I believe that phrase wholeheartedly-- than this is one of its greatest testaments. I have already sold this quilt to my friend Lindsey, who put in her toddler's room as a center piece, but I have lots of scraps,  so don't worry you can have one two.  These quilts cost the same as the others: $20.00 USD.

New One-color, Tied Quilts

I love lady bugs, and when I have a little girl I may very well decorate her room, and even her person with ladybugs and related motifs. If you have an idea in mind I can create it for you.

Flannel Receivieng Blankets
                   I cannot seem to find a photo to place here, which I will soon remedy. Flannel receiving blankets are made of two layers of flannel that sewn together. To add interest and durability I blanket stitch the edges. Flannel blankets are either 36" x 36" or 45" bu 45" and $10.00 USD and $15.00 USD respectfully.

Fleece Blankets

Much like a flannel receiving blanket, these blankets are blanket stitched along the edge. They come in only one size 36" x 36" and cost $10.00 USD.

Crochet Blankets

This floral pattern made of hexagons is lovely for a newborn or as a decorative piece. My mother commissioned it for a new baby and she almost kept it for herself. The finished size of this blanket is just shy of 36" x 24". The blanket can be made in any color combination and cost $35.00 USD.

This buttercup-collered shell pattern coverlet is one I also sold to my mother as a baby gift. The worsted weight yarn makes this blanky so soft and cudly, but aslo durable and substanctive. The stitch may be simple, but the end result is beautiful.

Well that's all I've been up to. I wish you all a fabulous late night. May creativity entreat you.

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  1. the floral crochet blanket is cool!
    You might want to work on taking your pictures in better light and with a plain background...maybe you could hang the blankets up?